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FT. Lauderdale/Miami
October 4, 2014
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Boston "New England"
October 11, 2014
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ICMAC Circuit is entering its 6th year in 2014!

Are you still standing by the sidelines? ICMAC is continuing to build and add new events.

Our goal is to promote and elevate Chinese Martial Arts and we are glad to see that more and more Sifus and competitors are getting involved.

Not only is ICMAC getting noticed, so also is everyone who is involved with the circuit. The stronger each school gets, the stronger the whole Chinese martial arts movement becomes.

You might have your own reasons for not getting involved, but here are just a few as to why you should:

  • Competition is one of the greatest motivating factors for your students
  • Competition sharpens skills and develops drive in your students
  • Competition builds camaraderie among your students
  • Competition harnesses school spirit and fosters confidence in your students

Competition builds and maintains strong schools!

Dear Masters and athletes,

Welcome to the official ICMAC Worldwide Circuit website.

Our motto is "Friendship through Martial Arts." We are dedicated to promoting high-quality Chinese martial arts tournaments in key cities around the world.

We have established a rating system for tournaments and athletes, as well as judging parameters that will serve to elevate the standards and quality of Chinese martial arts.

We are not a formal federation or association but simply an organization that transcends political boundaries. Everyone can participate and we require no membership fees. We are devoted to the development and promotion of Chinese martial arts through friendly high-level competition.

We openly welcome everyone who is sincerely interested in working with us in the development of Chinese martial arts in the 21st century!


Nick Scrima
International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
ICMAC Worldwide Circuit


Friendship through Martial Arts®

Please visit the Calendar Page for a full tournament schedule!

Please contact us if you are a promoter and would like your event featured in our ICAMC Worldwide Circuit or are interested in hosting an event in your city.


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