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After many years of hosting numerous events, not only in the US but in various other countries, ICMAC will be running only 3 tournaments in 2015.

  • Orlando, Florida- 17th Annual Championship: The tournament that started it all and one of the most recognized and prestigious Chinese martial arts championships in the world. Orlando will be the only tournament that will extend invitations to International Teams.
  • Las Vegas, NV - 8th Annual Championship: For our friends on the West Coast who have supported us for so many years.
  • Boston, MA - 5th Annual Championship: So that we can continue to host an event for our friends in New England and surrounding areas.

From time to time we will return to cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and other parts of the US and even to other countries. When we do, you will be notified and events will be clearly promoted in advance on this website.

2015 will be the 7th championship season for ICMAC and we will continue to bring you high quality events, top notch competition, and superb awards.

July 10-12, 2015 Orlando, Florida USA

17th Annual Championship

  • ICMAC 17th Annual Tournament & World Sanda Championship

August 1-2, 2015

8th Annual Las Vegas ICMAC Championship

  • Las Vegas - 5 Star Rated
  • 8th Annual ICMAC "Las Vegas" Chinese Martial Arts Championship

October 10, 2015

5th Annual New England ICMAC Championship

  • Boston, MA - 4 Star Rated Boston Chinese Martial Arts Championship
  • 5th Annual "New England" Kung Fu - Wushu - Tai Chi Championship





Friends of ICMAC

The following tournaments are not rated or sanctioned by ICMAC. Results will not be posted on this website and the promoters should be contacted directly for any information regarding the event.


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