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Sifu Eric Randolph Biography

TaijiAdept Eric Randolph has trained under Sifu Glenn Hairston for 20  years in Taiji Quan. Mr. Randolph has instructed Taiji Quan at University of Pittsburgh, University of Carnegie Mellon, and Three Rivers Fitness.

He has professional membership to Specialist Defensive Training and the Bending Bamboo Taijiquan Association. Mr. Randolph received the Gold in Moving Hands and the Bronze in the Fixed competition at the Baltimore Maryland International Wushu kungfu Championships in 2000. He also took both Silvers in the Mah Lee Kow IWF in 2002 for the same events. He also is the uke in the 5 star video Internal Damage Advanced Tai Chi chuan  For Combat. He owns his corporation known as The Tao Applied.  incorporated The Tao Applied in 2008 .His corporation specializes  in assisting Corporate Executives with the creation of a healthy high efficiency performance package within the workplace.

His students took gold in all of the sensing  hand  weight classes up in Brooklyn ,New York in The Open Martial Arts Championship this summer.

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Sifu Glenn Hairston (Eric Randolph's Master)

Sifu Glenn Hairston began his tai-chi training in the 1970’s under the instruction of Master Yung-Ko-Chou from Manchuria. It was under Master Chou’s guidance that He learned the Yang Style long form, Push Hands & Free Hand Fighting Skill (tai-chi sparring). It was also Master Chou that introduced Glenn to Ba Gua Zhang a sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Chou was a disciple of Master Chang Shih-Jung from mainland China whose teacher was Master Cheng Huai-hsien of Hopei, both of whom can be read about in the book (Chinese Boxing, Masters and Methods) by Robert W. Smith, published by (Kodansha international Ltd.).

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