Master Kan, GuiXiang and Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan

Kan, GuiXiang is famous professor on Wu Shu  in Beijing Physical Education University. She is also Wu Shu nine Duan in China, which is the highest Wu Shu level in China.. She learned Chen-Style Tai Chi Quan from Master Tian, XiuChen, who was, in turn, one of the best students of Chen-Style Tai Chi Master Chen, FaKe. Professor Kan wrote over 20 books, among them “Chen-Style 36 movements Tai Chi Quan”, “Chen-Style Tai Chi Quan for Competition”, “42 Movements  Tai Chi Sword” have been broadly used and received in all of the world.

Master Kan has been working with her husband, Professor Men, HuiFeng, in editing a brand new style of Tai Chi Movement, which now is called “Dong Yue Tai Chi System”. It also was officially listed in standard Tai Chi systems by Tai Chi Quan association of China.

January 1st, 2000, as the first sunray was shining the land of China, Professor Men played Dong Yue Tai Chi on the top of the mountain Tai Shan. Because Tai Shan mountain is called “Dong Yue” by Chinese, the Tai Chi professor Men played then was named Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan following the name of the mountain. At that moment there were about 4 billion people in mire than 40 countries who watched this special program, which simply means that Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan has been facing the whole world since it was just born.

Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan has 15 movements. Although it is simple and easy to learn, it contains all 5 major styles of Tai Chi – Chen, Yang, Wu (1), Wu (2), and Sun, and becomes a brand new and independent style.

Dong Yue Tai Chi emphasizes to combine universe, mountain and human being together becoming a one entity. Once starting movements, the player would stand firmly as the mountain Tai Shan, feel holding sun and moon in his/her arms, make circular movements as much as he/she could. In this way, the player would improve his/her health gradually.

Master Men, GanHong is Master Kan’s daughter. She started to learn Wu Shu since she was only 5 years old. She was awarded the first place in Asia and in China with both Chen-Style and Sun-Style Tai Chi Quan.